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We are Hawktivity, a company specialised in using AI to improve productivity and customer service for businesses of all industries. Our team of experts in AI and computer vision can help your company measure and get insights into the activities of your customers and workforce.



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Time Study Data Gathering

Our service uses computer vision and cameras to automate large parts of the time measurements needed to gather data for time studies. Our measurements are much more accurate and less obtrusive than having humans in the store doing the measurements. The measurements produced represent real operations because our data gathering.

Quick Service Restaurants

Our AI-powered solution helps Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) improve their speed of service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue.


Our solution uses computer vision to accurately measure the productivity of workers on a manufacturing line by counting and timing the actions they take, and calculates their resultant productivity. This helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for manufacturers.

Time Study Data Gathering

Time activities for a fraction of the cost


We record activities using cameras installed on site. This is much less obtrusive than having human gatherers on site. It also means we have a much more realistic view of operations, rather than operations staged while measurements are taking place.

Tools and algorithms

Our tools and algorithms isolate parts of the video to detect when actions could be taking place. The user interface allows for accurate measurements across many instances of a specific action.


We use other sources of data, like transactional data from the Point of Sale to predict when and where actions happen, saving time in the measurement process.

More accurate
Less obtrusive
Realistic View

Quick Service Restaurants

Streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction

Optimise Wait Times

Prolonged wait times can negatively impact customer satisfaction and sales. Our solution accurately measures the time customers spend waiting in line, from store entry to point of sale. With real-time alerts, you can proactively manage queues and prevent lost conversions.

Efficiency In Service

Prolonged wait times for food can harm your brand's reputation and drive customers away. Measure and optimise the speed of service in real-time with our solution and receive alerts to address any delays before they impact your bottom line.

Real-time Foot Traffic Analysis

Keep track of your store's foot traffic in real-time. Understand how many customers are in the store and in specific areas at any given time. Identify busy periods, optimise staffing, and plan for future foot traffic patterns.

Improve customer satisfaction
Increase Sales
Optimise staffing

Manufacturing Productivity

Optimising Efficiency on the Manufacturing Line

Track worker performance

Measure the productivity of your workers by tracking the number of actions they take and the time it takes for them to complete each one. Our platform can be customised to fit the specific actions and processes of your factory or production line.

Motivate and Reward Performance

Motivate and reward your employees by setting performance targets at an individual level and recognising those who consistently meet or exceed expectations. By measuring and tracking performance, you can identify top performers and incentivise them to maintain or improve their performance.

Track Material Usage

Monitor and track the usage of manufacturing materials in real-time to optimise production and prevent stock-outs.

Improve efficiency
Streamline inventory
Increase profitability

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